Thursday, September 07, 2006

I feel like a candidate begging for votes

Round 4 / in the Scraps Ahoy Idol contest. I have made it to Round 4 :) I feel so honored to have made it this far. I know that some people (ahem! blood relation sister!) didn't even vote. Some people even go as far to come to SA and look at the layouts but not vote. I wonder if my dear family will vote this time? Hmmmmm.... Here is the link to see the layout and my essay. If you want to vote you must register on the message board before you can see the ballot box.

More Labor Day Weekend Pictures

Labor Day / Camping

This was a very fun weekend! How did it start? Let me share the funny details. We are always full of funny details aren't we?
We had a desire to go camping but it didn't hit us until last Wed. Dan called the campsites that we were near the Osceola train where we had family tickets for a train ride. Nothing vacant. So we dismissed the idea. On Sat morning we were ready to head off to the train ride. We were to get there by 2 pm and maybe get to take a peek at the state park. We drove down the highway approx 4 miles when I said that we could pull a Rhode (our best friends who have 5 girls). They have used the ever useful campsite at the Walmart parking lot before. Dan and I stopped the van and he drove back to Rice Lake to hook up the camper. We then had to go back home to get bedding! Argh! Finally we got back on the road. Two hrs later..... Destination! We first went to the state park and while there a lady was waving at us! Who the heck were they? Our friends from Rice Lake! lol - They are another big family (only 7 kids) were also camping there! What were the odds of that? We told them that our luxury site was at Wally World but would be back the next day to see if sites opened. Walmart was nice. Shopping was good. Just what we needed since we took nothing with us.

The next day we found a camping site. We also went on the train ride on Sunday. That was a blast. Each train car was from a different era so we had fun touring the whole train while it was going down the tracks next to the river.

On Monday we went rock climbing at the park and just had fun with the kids. Life is fun and nature is gorgeous! What could be better? ..... to stay!

Being held by your father is reassuring. Being held by your child is like being in heaven. - I am always held by my Father. It is most reassuring to know He holds me each minute. On every train ride of life. I wonder what our Lord feels when He holds His children.

I call this one "protection". It was taken this weekend while we were taking a train trip down the river. The train was stopping and the horn was sounding off so Dan reached over to sooth Jera so she wouldn't get startled. Thankfully she stayed sleeping.