Friday, July 20, 2007

2 months + where have I been

As you can tell, I took a break from online life, scrapbooking and my random blogging. I think I am back. I feel some mojo for scrapping and a friend gave a link from her blog to a contest so I may have to try it out. I feel the need to talk again. How can one person named "me" stop herself from talking? OMG it has been hard. Like I was tied and gagged. I have so much to say but so little blog space. All I can say for now is that for some of those goofy people _____BECKY_____, NO I AM NOT PG! silly little girl! Just been away and taking long looks at these tons of kids I have. I love looking at them because they will be 18 tomorrow! (ok, maybe many more years than that but it feels like tomorrow)
Oh and I guess I have been scrapping a little. I have scrapped my walls. Took a lot of paper but it was fun.