Friday, October 29, 2010

It's been too long!

I have come to realize that I need to blog more. I finally logged into my account and found that it is has been over a full year of not blogging. Once I started Facebook I thought that my posts and picture sharing would serve for me to print the memories or comments but my printing habits didn't do justice to my reasoning. I will now go back to my blogging habit to share about our daily (maybe monthly) lives. ha
Maybe this can also double as my homeschool portfolio if I can keep up with our progress via the wonderful web world.
So, what is new in the Big C household? Dan still works as the manager of a Ford dealership and also is taking college classes in business just to keep up with the trends in his industry and his position. I homeschool the six children who are left at home, and I also take classes in psychology.

My oldest 2 are out on their own and learning more about life. Yes, they are doing quite well at that learning. I am thankful that God's hand is in their lives now that I cannot help God (ha) in their directions. We must....

"Let go and let God have His wonderful way,
Let go and let God have His way!
He'll fill with His Spirit and keep day by day.
Let go and let God have His way!"

Adam is now in Menominee working and his girlfriend Amanda, while working part time went back to school. If you are wondering if 2011 is the year for them to tie the knot.... we will all see. Our friends and family might not be surprised if they are invited to a wedding with a month's notice. I will let you know when I get my months notice.

Chey Baby is doing just that and is letting God have His way. She is working at YWAM Northwoods and though it might not be her desirable work plan, it is God's work plan for the time. She now has a Luke in her life. He is a great guy who loves His Lord before himself or Chey and always puts others needs and wants before his own. Dan happens to get another Viking fan in the family other than Uncle J. That is OK because Dan is happy to have someone to come over each week to watch football with him. Dan has no prejudiced to those men who wear purple. We Clarks are open minded in some areas you know.

Invierno (ha), is now heavy into her photography business. Check out her work at her website or on Facebook. For being this young she has learned more than most people in the later twenty's or more. She is being taught that a sixteen year old CAN pay IN taxes! lol

Jo loves her homework and ALL of it. Strange child, I know. She is exactly like her father and can understand anything about science. She also loves math and is now in my dreaded Algebra subject. Ewww, thankfully I have a very nice math teacher on disk.

Gabs is still into anything that is of pink color. She will never give up her alliance to that, ever! She is doing very well in school as well and her favorite subject is math. She might think this but that is what mom can see is her favorite because she is doing so well at it. Alright, I just asked her, and she did say math. I guess she knows where her giftings are ;)

Yes, I know... I need to add pics of J & G but this computer is not willing to produce any for me at this time. Another computer however will be much more willing.

JDog, he is the boy that gives us adventure each day. This kid never ceases to amaze me, and he is also exactly like his father, even the
weird quirks that make me roll my eyes. While I roll my eyes his father hides his chuckle. Men, hump-ft

E&J just turned 5! I sometimes sit and stare at them wondering if there was a way that I could keep each year of their life bottled up to save for my memories. Isn't there always something new to invent? Be watching for posts with their art work, videos of song & dance and maybe their sometimes backwards spelling.

Til we meet again my trusty blogsite ;) You are so faithful to remain here waiting for me.