Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dream Street New Years Bash Rak Updated!

Dream Street New Years Bash Rak. Starting Dec31st!

Dec 28th

It is December 28th. Christmas is over. Wynter's birthday was yesterday. She had 6 friends at the rollerskating rink and had Chinese for dinner. She topped her day off with watching Phantom of the Opera. She turned 13 and we told our girls that when they turn 13 they get to watch that movie. No reason really. Not that it is pg13, just to give each of our girls something to look forward to.
Grandma Dee is coming to stay with us for the weekend. We love having her visit this year. It was hard when she lived in AZ and we saw her only once a year.
I will be working on my design team projects for Scrapdango and Scrapsahoy tomorrow. Today is full. We went to an audition with my 3 girls for 101Dalmatians. Wynter did great and tried out for a solo part. We will see how that pans out for them. Josey and Gabby will be happy to just be puppies. Cheyenne just got home from a day of baking cookies with her friends. We are about to leave for another house showing. I hope I like this one. I am getting antsy at wanting a new home. I should say that I am getting antsy at wanting a huge scrapbook room that my love has promised me.
I tried out for the WRMK and Dream Street design team. I am dreaming about that fantasy call though I am sure that I have no chance with all of the talent out there. I will keep dreaming even if I don't get in. Dreaming is good, no?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sisterhood of the Travelling Purse

The tag read "To my sister:
This purse may hold special items, of events or memories but it is you who
makes them memorable."

Survival Pics

Christmas eve - day we went to my brothers house to celebrate with him, Wendy and Kisa. Dad, Artis, Uncle Jay and Aunt Joyce were all there as well. It was a great time! Adam and Amanda came also so this was the first time that everyone met the "new girl". Wendy made a feast as usual. If we thought that her Thanksgiving feast couldn't have been topped, we were wrong! She is a chef. Not just a "cook" but a chef with specialities and delicacies. This is food I tell ya at it's best! I wish that they would never leave. Not just for the food at our visits. I really am getting to know my brother and Wendy. I really love them. All of these years I looked up to them as a couple and as my brother and sister but now it is different. We are really getting to know their family and it is a good one. They are so unique, funny and caring. Wendy has a heart that could cure the world and my brother has a heart that could make the world laugh. Their daughter Kisa has traits of them both. What a great mix. She is a great kid! Wynter loves being her friend as well as cousin. Our Christmas present from them was a huge top line microwave perfectly suited for our big family. They shouldn't have done this much. We really appreciate it and love it. Our perfect present this year for dad and Artis was something they already had! Bummer. They never use the one they had, so that is why I never knew they had one. I thought since dad is always out cutting wood or playing Artis may want him to take walkie talkies so she knew he was safe or coming back to the house soon. Walkie talkies are now on their return list. lol- it was the thought that counts right? We did get them framed pictures of the family. They enjoyed those. Whew. I made Wendy an altered purse. An altered themed idea that I have had and now I am selling them. "Sisterhood of the Travelling Purse" I made hers to fit what I thought was her style. I think it turned out how I wanted. She cried when she opened it. I just love her! She is so special in my heart.

Here are the twins on Christmas eve opening their one present once we came home.

Christmas morn - the tree

Stockings are down. Josey, Gabby and Jed got play street hockey sticks and Ella is watching while clutching her dolly. From the look on Ella's face, she will not be a big hockey fan.

wow, a pig







Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas - from Chey

Here is a post from my daughter Cheyenne that she posted to her blog
I thought family and friends may want to see the video she made as her Christmas greetings.

So, I made this video specially for you, mes amis, as a virtual Christmas card. It seems like everybody takes the time at Christmas to write letter and talk about what happened to them this past year. Now I'm wondering if just going with the flow and writing a letter would have taken less effort... :P The video looks pretty funky on the blog here, but since some of you wouldn't be able to open the file on your computer, so this is the way I went. If you happen to be an incredibly picky person and would like the high quality version, don't hesitate to ask. Of course, it may be next Christmas by the time I get it to you. And of course, there was much, much more to my year than what the video says, my Youth Group held a concert in the new ministry center, I went to Lake Tom a few times this year, so I was able to see lots of people there (which included paintballing for the first time with Brad, Luke and Bri... thanks guys!) and learning a ton more about God throughout everything. Even those things that hurt like crazy!
Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and a happy new year! Hopefully I will see you soon.
Keep on, Chey.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

my sisters

my sisters Sharon and Marie called me and asked what our plans were, if we would be around on Saturday. They said they wanted to make a quick trip (2 hrs to get to our house) to see us before Christmas. How sweet is that? I wish I could pick up and go visit them. I wish I could show my love to them as much as they do me. They always think of others before themselves. If they treat everyone the way they treat me as a sister, they must be terribly busy! God made them wonderful and with sweet hearts of gold. Their visit was short. It was awesome though. My sisters do this popping in for visits through out the year. My kids can see them even for short times so they remember their Aunties. My twins do not even know Dan's father or brother and cousins. Sad that our own lives and theirs have been so priority that we cannot even find one day to visit in the past year. My sisters never let their priority come first. I wish I was both of them put in one person. Thinking of my sisters and how I would want their traits makes me think of saying the first word that comes to mind when I think of them. All of the words are real to me. I have learned so much from these words and their personalities. I wanted to duplicate words for a couple but I didn't. A couple of my sisters share the same words. They are good words.

Retha. Crazy. Compassion.
Sharon. Intelligent. Loving. Nurturing.
Marie. Humorous. Unconditional. Loyal. Winner (<---- casinos).
Carol. Beautiful. Naive. Sad. Protector.
Barb. Teacher. Helping. Goofy. Family.
Jeanna. Pursuing. Sister. Competition. (<---- we used to get into fights over who is loved more. sad memory.)

let me share a layout

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Scrabble Anyone?

my daughter has much too much time on her hands

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Scraps Ahoy Christmas Ideas

- take a peek over at the Scraps Ahoy message board to see the 20 Christmas Ideas. Here is one of them using up those odd number of old birthday / holiday cups that we have. Just redecorate them! Just trace the outlines of the cups. Cut the paper. Adhere the paper. Add Ribbons. How festive and with the colors and prints that you love.


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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

here is our Christmas tree. It is our emergency tree just in case we couldn't find another one. It gets dark in the real woods very fast so we hurried back to the emergency tree. I think it has character and it shows how nothing in this world is perfect and yet it is all beautiful.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


it has long passed but we I wanted to post that I have a lot to be thankful for! Such as;
shopping weekend with my four sisters. I love them!
new babies! (I was able to go visit my friend Kristi with her new boy/girl twins. they are such a blessing and remind me of how lucky we have been as well with our own)

health. we are healthy when so many people are not.
happiness. we have true happiness. though we have little we have so much more than many.
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