Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Camping

We then ventured to Camp Forest Springs where we had to drop off Cheyenne to work for the summer. She is serving the Lord by doing dishes (she is trying to spray mom in the picture!) and being on the rotation staff. (I bet she will love coming home to her dishes with only the 10 of us) We went to a local strawberry patch which is one of the kids favorite things to do. (I like the pictures!)
Since my 3 sisters (see picture.... this is the "real" them)
and their families live 30 min from the camp, we were able to spend time with my sisters and cousins. Jed loved playing with his cousins at the beach.


We did it! We left the city in a big luxury camping trailer with the kids. We weren't sure if we would ever take another family vacation since the twins were born. We did good and survived it, even the mosquito's! I didn't see much of the fire pit but what I did was very refreshing. We first traveled to our old town near Minocqua and camped there at Clear Lake. Here is a picture at what I depict camping as... dirty shoes at the entrance of the camper. We finally were tourists! Yeah! We had Josey's b-day party with her old friends
at the campground. That was a unique party for us it is virtually no mess. The kids all loved swimming even though it was freezing water. The twins loved being near the water. Not too close, but near was good.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

just a few pics to share

Here is a recent picture that I took on Sunday of my son Adam. He just turned 21 years old. How time flew!

Next is a picture of Gabrielle with her most common look on her face.

And here is a picture of the girls (Cheyenne, Wynter, Josephine, Gabrielle, Ella and Jera) at Easter.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

we can stop traffic

It is just hilarious how just having two cute babies in tote can make the grouchiest of people stop, stare and start conversation. Every time we go out into public we become the spotlight. "Enough already!" is what I sometimes think in my mind. That is before I remember what I may have said before I myself had twins. I remember seeing two sweet babies at stores and saying "oh, how adorable". Yes, I myself have done what I dread sometimes now. I feel as if I better put on the makeup and spiff up the hair now just to run to the store because we WILL be seen.
This picture was taken right before we stopped traffic. An older couple driving just stopped mid street to say "ohhhhh, 2 babies, are they twins? both boys? (lol) what are their names?
Yes, I am serious they asked the names. Why? I just do not get it, is there a time that they may need to call them up and will want to know their names? Is it because if they are twins they must have unique names? I am not sure about that one but it is also a very frequent question. Me... the most child protector of a mother who dreads child abduction wants to give false names (I have done it before with Jed when he was a baby). Right here in our town a friend of mine had a stalker from Britain who planned to abduct one of her twins for terrible reasons. It was a high public case and the guy was arrested when he came to the US to carry this out. Ok... I am now a bit off topic but I was making case that this DOES happen to real people we know. It can happen, so... false names are good.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I know that it is just waiting to burst out of me. It just feels as if I need to go shop. Even for only one item to bring home to add to my collection. That would do it! I know it would. Is anyone else like this? You have everything in the world to choose from. New items in packages gallore & old items just waiting to be used up but you just need one more item that is fresh from the store to make you get creative. Once you get home with that item, you break out the other things and probably do not even touch the newest bought treasure. This for me is the same with cooking. I can go months wanting to bake but feeling like I have no gumpshun to throw together my favorite pineapple upside down cake. That is when I need to buy one new cookware piece or gadget and I am off on a total round-about. Creativity is waiting to be bought, what price shall it be tomorrow?