Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Watch your kids!

Yesterday I woke up feeling a bit sick. It really hit at 9:30 am and I was down all day on the couch. I slept from then on until 8:00 pm. At 8:00pm when the kids were going off to bed I heard this story from my husband & kids. It made me sick! I am a MOTHER and should NEVER have been sick! I vow to never get sick again. The kids need me.
The story goes: While I was sick Dan had the kids playing outside while he cleaned our van. The kids were all in our small front yard and sometimes went to our fenced in back yard to fill the squirt guns. It was a hot day. Cheyenne thinks it was close to 90 degrees. God must have had his angels watching my 4 year old Jed. He also must have placed Gabby at the right place at the right time to save his life. Gabby said she went to the back yard to fill her water gun and she heard "racket" coming from the wood shed. The wood shed that has 2 doors and when you close it you can lock it by turning the metal latch. We have our bikes and lawn mower in it. There is NO ventilation and no light what so ever when it is closed. Gabby went to it and heard Jed screaming for "somebody" and "Daddy". When she opened the door Jed was covered in sweat. How long was he in there? This little boy does not even play hide and seek because he is afraid of anything dark. He was terrified! When he came out he told them that Oswald (the neighbor boy)came into our backyard and locked Jed in the shed. Oswald didn't know how to unlock it but didn't tell anyone and he went off to play. I thank God that Gabby heard her brother! I thank God that my boy did not pass out from the heat or worse. Bad things can happen in mere minutes in heat. Bad things can happen in mere minutes in the cold. I will NEVER let my babies out of my sight again!

Spit Up

My Ella is the spitty baby. She has spit up in our faces and even in our friends faces or mouths if they got too close. Well we had another funny one with my spit up baby at church today. We were all standing and singing during worship time and I looked down at the little boy in the seat in front of us. He was kneeling on the floor while writing with a notebook on the seat. His hair had white stuff dripping from it and his face was as if he was in shock. I looked at Dan next to me who was holding Ella backwards and I just knew. I tapped on Dan's shoulder and said "did Ella just spit up on that little boy?" (he was about 6 years old)
Dan was so embarrassed and started cleaning up the puke that was all over the kids note book and all over his chair. All of this cleaning while the parents were standing and never knew. We could not clean the puke from his hair obviously so when we were done with that song we tapped their shoulders and told them our baby spit up on their son. The mother said nicely "oh, that is ok" but I had to say "well, the spit up is in his hair"
The dad looked at his sons head and sort of snickered. The boy was still in shock and very grossed out.
The dad went off to grab a wet towel from the bath room to clean his kids head. Ok... so... anyone have a baby spit up story to top that one?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A day at the park

How sweet it is to finally love those baby swings with the 4 holes!
My children never fit perfectly in them when they were babies. The hole was too big and if they even sat forward they would fall right out. I understood it was so the kiddo could face front or back, but I still did not like them. Now I love them! I found a new appreciation for them! They fit TWO babies perfectly! Safe and sound my babies can swing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Church on Sunday

The plan was to wake up at 5am and get all 7 children ready to leave by 7 am. That was a little off and we didn't wake up until 5:30 so we left at 7:30 in the morning for our 3 hr trip to church. We made it! We were early, can you believe that?
It was so nice to see everyone at our old church. People coming up to us every step we took and hugs were everywhere. We felt a lot of love. After church we headed straight to Nicette's house for her graduation. I really miss my friend Joyce (her mom) and Dan misses Bill (her dad). This was a great and needed visit! We can't wait to go back in June when we take our 1st camping trip with the twins. Why would someone with 7 children drive 6+ hrs in the van just for a one day trip? One word "Nicette" and she is worth it. One of Chey's best friends in the world. A girl who loves all and gives all. Her as her parents have always thought of everyone before themselves. Now is the day to only think of Cettie. Chey needed to hug her friend on this day. It was the feeling like when Cettie gets married. (essp if she waits for our son Jed when he grows up) We would not ever miss that day. We love Nicette. Here she is ....

Saturday, May 20, 2006


I am in love with this picture that I took of my Ella today.
What do you think? Isn't she a sweetie?
And how can you resist baby feet touching grass :)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday - May 19th

It is Friday and the start of a busy weekend!
We are hopefully going to Nicette's grad party on Sunday. It will be nice to visit our old church and friends.

Here is the picture that I am scrapping next, it should be a fun one :)

Our trip to Mall of America

Wynter's birthday is Dec 27th. The poor child almost never has a special birthday bash since it is near the holiday festivities and people always add her birthday into Christmas. This year she got her dream bike. A green machine for BIG kids! We also told her that we got 8 tickets to Mall of America amusement park and Underwater World Adventures. She was going to invite Emma and Berrit to go with us since she hasn't seen them but once since we moved.
We had so many things come up and kept putting off the trip. We finally remembered the tickets last week and went to find them. They expire May 17th! We had just a few days. We would hate to waste this trip so.... you know what I got for Mother's Day!
Yes, you got it right, a free trip to MOA! We had a great time and the twins loved it. They were so stimulated and they actually took naps. (see picture)

I had fun browsing Archivers. I flipped through the Scrapbook Trends Baby Idea book and saw my 3 layouts. I haven't got my layouts or copies yet so this was nice to see.
My favorite part of our trip was going to Ikea. I picked out my favorite dream kitchen that we want in our new house. Dan and I agreed with the fingerprint attracting cabinets (crazy with 7 kids still at home, but they are so easy to wipe down & clean) but I like the red and Dan likes the blue. We will see who wins that one!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Urban Lily Rocks!

I did it too! I tried out for the design team. I placed an order for paper and I thought it was lost in the mail but my order finally came :) If you know me, you will know how much I love patterns and prints. I want the entire new UL collection! The papers will match the twins OINK BABY outfits perfectly! Now, the torture of waiting til the 20th.

Oh, I got a nice design team thank you gift today too! Prima Prima and more Prima and an organizational product. What a nice surprize.

What I have seen lately...

I wanted to share a few pics of things I have seen lately.

Isn't this pile of rust a wonderful sight to see? It reminded me of our bodies, our lives and our legacy and what we need to prevent them from being tarnished.

And here we have the man who did not heed that advice of wearing a seat belt.

My Soap Opera - the beginning

I did it, I switched over my blog to blogger. Welcome to my new home at As The World Scraps!
Things in my scrapping life as well as my non scrapbooking world will be shared here.
Let me start with saying who I am. I am Karen Clark (Giddy) aka wife to Dan, mother of eight wonderful children. My life right now is simple. We relocated to RL last fall and we are still in transition of buying a home. Most all of our possessions are in 3 storage units so we have a very bare rental home in which we are renting from our realtor. We made an offer in March on a wonderful home but during the process it was snatched up by another offer. Though we are sad about this we know that God has blessed another family and has given them what they need. He will provide for us as well. We have been searching for that perfect fit for us. How in the world do we find a 6 bedroom home that will satisfy my desires? I am not sure but will keep the faith that something opens up.
What is going on with Giddy today? I am pushing deadlines and having fun with them. I LOVE deadlines! Sounds crazy but in this house I work my best under pressure.
I am having a blast with Die Cuts With A View design team. It is so much fun and the team is wonderful. The Legacy Paper Arts design team can't get any better. That girl knows how to put kits together! I adore this past months kit using Crate Paper.

I think that is it in my work life, I just loving the opportunity to scrapbook for a living (ok... Well, maybe not into the double digits - but it is what I need for my living that is)
Dan loves his job here. He is on college board & the association board. (sorry, I forgot the name of the association). We went to a trade show that he put on for the association and I was in charge of the photography. I was amazed that some people get so MAD when a picture is taken due to the flash. (Don't LOOK at me and smile then!)
Adam, my 20 year old baby is moving. Only 1 hr away so that is just far enough for me to handle. Cheyenne is done at the theatre as her job as the assistant director. She will cast in more plays for the fall. She is so excited because she will be working at Camp Forest Springs for the summer. She was waiting for her acceptance or denial just like a sb'er would wait for an anticipated call. She made it! Yeah for Chey :) She is so pumped up. Wynter and Josey will be at camp while Chey is working too so that will be nice for her to see her sisters. Schooling will be going into summer here :) Gabby is finally reading! That was an obstacle! Jedidiah is a typical BOY, this spring has already brought so many bumps, bruises and dirt! He is praying to move so that he can finally get his 4 wheeler back. Right now it is at Grandpa's house for him to ride while we visit.
The babies are now sitting up! Ella has her 2 bottom teeth and Jera is teething away so I am sure they are about to pop out. They sure fight over toys! I am understanding why twin moms say to get 2 of the same toys. We had our twin club website designed by the ever so talented Brittany Laakkonen. Everyone loves it and we are discussing on what to add to the links. Thanks Brittany!