Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Can you say, bad blogger?

Yes, that is me. The bad blogger. I have passed by the posting of holidays, family events, turmoil and defeats. This blog was dead and now needs to be resurrected.

Hallelujah! We are alive. Speaking of alive.....

I have no fear of falling dead from a pig virus. I stopped eating pork long ago. We also spray Thieves Oil, a little up the nostrils and some behind the ears will prevent a virus' catching on. I wash our hands with it daily. Thieves oil was the antidote that the thieves used to steal from people, alive or dead, when they had the bubonic plague. I trust their recipe, since we didn't come down with the strep throat that was being passed around in the past few months.

We endured!

Other than that we survived a trip to mall of America again. This time with another family with seven plus one kids. That added up to 15 kids! That was a fun time! :::: eyes roll :::: or was I just in a stupor after riding that roller coaster?

We have also outlived another year of homeschooling. Though I don't ever stop schooling because we still have math, science, reading and spelling in the summer. I am not a stickler about the summer studying, I merely want them to do a little each day to keep the reinforcement of what they had previously learned. I don't have to force the kids read. They do that on their own! Each of my oldest girls picks up books from the library every two days. I am trying to reduce that because it is a lot of running.
Wynter reads a book a day! I can't keep up with that, so she needs to start requesting 14 books at one time. Oh...... the book "Roots" did take her more than a day to read!

I will end with showing some goodies we have ordered for the 2009-2010 school year.

We ordered all of our curriculum through our public virtual school program. They gave us a whopping $9500.00 this year to spend on materials! I spent that fast. That was fun! Can we say $ Discount School Supplies? That is one of my favorite places to shop. We love art!

Here are more of my latest order spots .....