Sunday, July 30, 2006

Scraps Ahoy Idol - Round 2

here is my Scrapsahoy Idol layout for Round 2. This was a fun one! We had to write an essay and also create a layout that is non holiday but using holiday colors. Here is the link to see the layout and my essay on ironing in your scrapbooks. If you want to vote you must register on the message board before you can see the ballot box. The entries are all awesome! Come check them out! TFL!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

the PERMENANT results!

Ok so my guess the # of rod RAK winners are ..... Celeste, Deborah and Andie! They were all close to the actual 29 rod count.
Here are before pics and the after results. It isn't all that different (more fuzzy) than when I styled my hair before the perm but now I don't have to be in the bathroom curling it for 30 minutes :)

this weeks blog

so, what could be new here? Hmmm... I have finished the Scraps Ahoy Idol contest layout for Round 2. I just have to finish up my essay. Remember to vote for your friend Karen {me} which starts on Sunday the 30th.

Also... just as a tease, I have added a sampling picture here of the new manufacture I was talking about. You will flip when you see the designs. How fun and exciting. I just love NEW scrapbook products!

My list:
1.essay 2. layouts 3. more layouts 4. project 5. cards 6. article 7. update our twin club website 8. design the new parent group's website
Not too bad if it doesn't get to 10! Wait! That didn't include laundry, shopping, floors, clean the shower and tub, toilets as well as cooking. Argh!

The kids are all doing well. Cheyenne is back into the swing of things being back at home. We will be going to Madison soon. The twins have not seen a zoo before so that should be tons of fun for them. The girls are crawling (FAST) and walking around furniture. The coffee table is gone and now the hall tree must go! No coats needed in the summer anyway, right? What is next?

2peas blog challenge - describe your childhood bedroom. I have beautiful walnut dressers for all of my collections. I collected smurfs and owls. Both at different times thankfully. I know, how could a 12 year old collect owls!?! I had 2 twin beds because my older college aged sister would come home at times to visit. The bedding was a gosh awful mustard color but I did love that ribbed stitched feel of them. I still find these same bed coverings at thrift stores and have at times contemplated buying them just for the memory of it. I had my stuffed animals on my bed as well. I loved my monkey!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I woke up to scrappers in my kitchen

Yes, one 9 yo (Josey) and one 7 yo (Gabby) woke up at 7am just to come down to the dining room table and scrapbook. Addiction this young? Maybe so!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

freelance x's 2!

I was asked to freelance 2 x's by different people in just the past few days! How exciting! I will update you later  when we are told it is ok to share :)

Two Bucks and Tic Tacs

I forgot to share a story from today's events. I was working on projects for DCWV that needed to be sent overnight UPS. I had printed the pics but my ink was a little low. I designed the layouts using the low ink pics, I uploaded the pics to Walmart and was going to add the good pics prior to shipping the layouts. Ok... we were ready. I loaded the 6 kids in the van and stopped at the mall first. I needed hair products and had some time to kill before UPS opened. Yes crazy as it sounds, UPS opens at 4:30 pm. I then went to Walmart with the kids. We picked up the pics and shopped a bit. I had to wait another hr because they got my picture order sizes wrong. The girls got a new huge bucket of 20 sidewalk chalk and Jed got a rocket launcher. That baby really launches! Anyway.... after dilly dallying we finally checked out and headed to the UPS store. I still had to add the new pics to the layouts and prepare the box. I pull into the UPS parking lot and I notice the blinds pulled down on the entrance. I looked and sure enough! Only open until 6pm! It was 6:07! Come on now! I freaked out. What do I do now? We drove home so that I could get an overnight shipping label that I had in my desk and then we would go back and check if maybe there was a drop box at the grocery store. Get back into the van kids! I then decided to replace the pictures and box it all up in the van before I left. Get back into the van kids! Wait, where is the address? I searched that van and could not find my slip of paper that we just had minutes ago so I had to unlock the house again and go check my computer for the address. Finally, get back into the van kids! We drove to the store and no luck. No drop box. I was frantic! What do I do? I saw a brown truck drive by. That is when it came to me! Find brown trucks and BEG them! I looked in my van's cup holder and found $2 dollars. I said "$2.00 will do!" My daughter said "Mom, are you going to bribe a UPS man?" I said "You know it!" "Hey kids... what is in the back?" (remember that we shopped at Walmart but never took the things into the house) They offered their new toys. Sweet kids! I said "Give me the Tic Tacs that we just bought" Josey threw the candy up to the front of my 15 passenger van. Wynter was still in shock that I am now considering to bribe some man with $2.00 AND Tic Tacs.  I drove to the UPS shop and luckily a garage was open. I walked in and begged for him to take my overnight delivery for $2.00 and Tic Tacs. Did he take them? You betcha he did! What a little money and fresh breathe can do for a man. After I left I thought to myself "I sure hope that he doesn't tell his girlfriend or wife that some lady bribed him with money and Tic Tacs!" I am not sure she would believe that one. lol


I haven't blogged in a few so let me tell you of the newest updates in my life.
First, Cheyenne is still working @ camp and will be coming home on Saturday! I am so happy. We feel lost counting only 6 kids :) When one is gone the link in the chain feels broken. She is having a wonderful time volunteering for the summer and will come home tired but refreshed as well.
We had a princess birthday party for Adam's girlfriend Amanda.

We played pin the princess in the castle and of course we made sure the princess won. She is worth it! When she opened her scrapbook present she was speechless. When she finally talked she said "I just want to stay home tonight and scrapbook". (I know that I am going to love her as a daughter in law!) The girls on my DCWV design team and over at 2peas made her feel extra special! Thank you to everyone who sent her ecards and snail mail. In her package I added idea books/scrapping mags and I pointed out to her some of the sweet pubbed people who made her so happy so she could put a face (layout.... lol) to the name.
I have been getting awesome design team submissions for ATWS. I am hoping that we can get some sponsors or donations asap. I thought the hard part was over with getting the site up and ready.

Have a great week!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Scraps Ahoy Idol Contest

I am finally over the sickness that Cheyenne brought home from camp while she was home for a week. She is now healthy and back to camp to finish up working there for the summer. As for me, below are the Round 1 layouts that I did for the Scraps Ahoy Idol contest. Double click the smaller pics to see them fully. Yeah! I am now in the 2nd Round! This will be fun.

Friday, July 07, 2006

4th of July pics

here are a few pics from the 4th of July. Parade, picnic @ grandpa's and the fireworks. Take a look @ Adam's new haircut (thanks to his new girl friend Amanda... love you girl!)

Monday, July 03, 2006

a layout and dedication

I wanted to share my latest favorite layout that I created regarding my pro life stance. I have been praying for women (namely a few online and off J-J-E-B) who wish to conceive a child. This page is dedicated to them!
After creating this layout I received a wonderful phone call. After a couple of years of praying for J, she called me. She said "we have only emailed each other and never spoke on the phone but I wanted to call you to let you know that I am pregnant with TWINS" I was almost in tears!(I had also been praying that she and a few others get pg with twins). Not just one blessing but 2! My kids all have been praying each day as well and they were so excited to hear this news. God bless those out there that keep trying and need support. I am praying!