Tuesday, August 21, 2007

where do I start?

I think the biggest news that you will get a kick out of is that I am a nature freak now. Organic all the way. The entire family will not be eating at any fast food again. The kids are doing great. Our lifestyle has changed. The budget for food has changed too! We eat less though so that is good. Eating healthy feels great. No preservatives, no additives, all raw and organic. We will be buying milk from the cow now, organic and friendly killed (as friendly as you can kill something!) beef, bison and chicken. Why? We started out to cleanse our body of the toxins we have eaten for years. It is sick what we eat and what we have given our kids. Just sick. Do you know that we have been eating foods altered with mutated genes that CAUSE tumors? Yes, it is true. Those tumors make the foods, veggies and fruits bigger so they SELL better (all for the love of money!) but those same foods have been possibly linked to causing cancer and tumors in humans. Sick that they knew the genes killed pigs but hey, give it to my kids! What the heck. Do you think the fda and cdc would take things off the shelf and cause a scare? Heck no. That would be so many foods that we couldn't even do it. It would be mass hysteria more than even bird flu epidemic. Anyway, we feel better and healthy! We MUST do anything we can do to KEEP us and our kids a little longer.

let me give a quick update
May-June: move in
June: camp, camp and more camps to send kids to (Josey's b day)
July: visits from family almost each weekend, Chey's driver's ed

August: camping, news of my best friends breast cancer (PLEASE PRAY!), news of my father's brain tumor PLEASE PRAY!) my b day, Chey's b day, band practice for Josey and Wynter at school and I have entered a contest at Treasured Scrapbooking. Check it out!

this is where I left off, August 21st. this is today.