Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fiber Scraps Insprired Designs Contest

LOOK! LOOK! I made the list :) I am not sure which layout was chosen but I am super thrilled to have made the HM list. Thank you so much Patricia. I can't wait for more yummy product.

Grand Prize
Linda Beeson

First Prize
Sara Allison

Second Prize
Roxanne Everett

Honorable Mentions
Karen Clark
Sudie Alexander
Allison Weinzapfel
Jan Harrill
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Kimber McGray
Niki Meiners

Another Dream Street Winner!

YEAH!!!!!!!!! This weeks winner is Beth_W737!!!
Send me a peamail with your addy Beth :) Enjoy your goodies!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Dream Street Rak Winner!

We have another Dream Street Rak winner. Yeah Robyn! Woooo Hoooo!
Remember everyone to post anywhere on my blog this week for yet another chance at winning a nice Dream Street rak!

Ella & Jera The Movie

Warning, this video that you are about to watch is not for the faint of heart. May cause severe melting of the heart.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fiberscraps Raks Rock!

can I say that I loveeeeeeeee Fiberscraps!

these are the layouts that I did for the Fiberscraps contest using the Fiberscraps rak that I won. So easy to work with. I loved inking to make the rays show as the shadows and the paper curls oh so well!!! Yum Yum!

A little game of TAG!

I have been tagged by Sunny. I could pretend to be ignorant but it would really pass since I stalk her blog each day and I would have read my name. Though she must know many Karen's, correct? Oh and yes she also im'd me saying tag. Maybe my mind didn't comprehend what she was trying to tell me. Ok ok, since I just spent this much time trying to dismiss doing the tag, I wasted the time that I could have already finished it. I best hurry up and just do it so that I do not keep rambling on and wasting even more precious time.

A= Available~ for my kids.
B= Best Friends~ Becky and Lisa.
C= Cake or pie~ coconut cream pie.
D= Drink of choice~ Italian cappuccino
E= Essential item you use everyday~ computer.
F= Favorite color~ today it is black
G= Gummy bears or worms~ worms
H= Hometown~ Madison Wisconsin
I= Indulgences~ cappuccino while shopping
J= January or February~ February
K= Kids and Names~ Adam Johnathon, Cheyenne LoveLeeMarie, Wynter Grace, Josephine JaneAnn, Gabrielle Faith, Jedidiah Reese, Ella Elizabeth and Jera Lisa.
L= Life is incomplete without? God
M= Marriage date~ June 11, 1994
N= Number of siblings~ 6 sisters and 2 brothers (8... ironic?)
O= Oranges or apples~ Oranges if I have to
P= Phobias or Fears~ elevators, escalators and weight
Q= Favorite Quote~ to many to choose from I’ll share this one:
• Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we are here we may as well dance.
R= Reason to smile~ God, family, friends and health
S= Season~ spring
T= Tag 2 or 3 people~ Patti and Kim
U= Unknown fact about me~ I flew a plane as a co pilot
V= Vegetable you don't like~ I like all veggies
W= Worst habit~ ex smoker... but now the habit would be cappuccino
X= X-rays ummm??? Last week
Y= Young at heart… I AM YOUNG.... what's this "at heart" stuff , lol
Z= Zodiac Sign~ Leo Aug 18

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

my week, as of Wednesday ...

Ella is doing better! My doctor was working in a different city yesterday but she called to check on Ella. She recommended getting 2 more shots of the antibiotic so I took her at 4pm. By 8pm Ella seemed a bit back to herself. The doctor will have results of everything today but it sure is looking like a bad case of pneumonia. (that was our spelling word of the day, even Jed knows how to spell it). Thank you all for praying for the kiddo.
We had a bad night with no sleep but I am hoping it is the last one. I am off right now to get Ella's 3rd sets of shots. Poor kid!

Monday, January 15, 2007

my week, as of Monday ...

and it is only Monday!
Well Ella has been having high fevers for 8 days now. Remember me thinking it was the organic wild rice. Well.... the fever has stayed at 105 steady and only regulated every 4 hrs with Tylenol or Motrin. We took her in last Wed because of the high fevers. She had this is Nov and Dec too. The doctor diagnosed her with an ear infection. Those meds didn't work and he prescribed her more. She finally was over the fevers and seemed fine. This time, last Wed, same story. Went in, got meds for an ear infection. Her fever stuck around. I swore that she had something else that the meds just didn't get. Hand, foot, mouth was what we thought it was. I said, if it is that we just have to treat these fevers. Well by Sat night and her still having a high 105 fever I knew I was going back to the doctors again. I wanted to wait until today so I could see a real pediatrician. Last night she awoke with a 105.7!!!!!!!! fever. I freaked so much. I sat up with her praying and rocking her. At 8 am I this morning I made the appointment. I had to wait until 2:20. Errrrrr... wait wait wait. I went in. She told me that it could be some sort of virus. I asked for everything. Blood work etc I told her about Jed and his ordeal and said I want the complete work up. Blood work came back. All levels were elevated and not normal showing that it was not viral. We went down for x-rays. While there the doctor looked at Ella and just in that couple of hrs she was lethargic and purple eyed. The doctor had to console me. I was seriously having flash backs. The x-rays showed something on the right side of the lungs. The doctor said she hoped it was pneumonia and gave her some shots of heavy duty medicine. She will call tomorrow or Wed with the complete write up of labs and x-rays. It feels like we live in the North Pole with no technology. I want to know things now. I pray it is just pneumonia. Please be thinking of Ella if you can. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Rakity Rak - Yes Talk Back!

Hey there! Since I am new over at ScrapsAhoy I am giving a nice big rak to another new member. I am hoping to meet some new friends. Here is the link to the post. SCRAPS AHOY
here is a layout I did .. you can see it at ScrapsAhoy

BTW... Congratulations to the first week winners, Jamie and Tammie! Have fun with your Dream Street rak! Remember that we are playing through January. See my Dream Street rak post below.

Happy Birthday!

to my sisters Sharon and Marie. If you are stalking my blog, I hope you see your bday lovin'.

Tuesday - so far

so far it is 9:02 as I am writing this. Last night I thought Ella and Jera would sleep perfectly. What happened? I am not sure. Maybe it was the organic wild rice baby food that I gave them last night. I do remember that is what I fed them another time that they stayed up all night. It all started when Ella didn't get to sleep until 1 pm. I stayed up rocking and bouncing to get that last burp out. I could tell she had tummy pains. Poor girl. Finally, I put Ella down and Jera woke up. I bounced her, held her, played with her until 4 pm. Yes. 4 pm. It was a long night. She finally fell asleep half laying and half sitting on me in my bed. I figure that she didn't even know she fell asleep so I didn't move her. Any movement made her eyes flutter. There we go again .... Ella's turn. I called for Dan. I think Dan was up until he left for work. I am not sure if he got any sleep past 4pm.

So, how do I feel. Like a bad hang over. I need some aspirin and sleep. Hoping today goes better with good news from our realtor. We put in our final highest offer last night. Why do they call it the highest offer if they keep asking you for another highest offer? We didn't budge this time. It was our highest. (today, lol)
I have to get some scrapping down today. Fiberscraps (THANKS PATRICIA! - for the rak!) is having a contest and I need to get the final details added today. I made 3 layouts. I like them all. I loved working with Fiberscraps. I will tell you why when I share the layouts here. Too fun!
I am also finishing up on my ScrapDango layouts for Feb. I love the mid month deadlines.