Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Visit Me!

Read the below.... all I need is FIVE friends. Only FIVE sweet online friends. - NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SCRAPBOOKER. Ahem... you know who. We will slowly convert you there. -

Just go to the Scrapping Oasis

and post 5 (or more) times. The or more would be better cause I like when friends hang out. I win a rak if I can get 5 friends. The best part is YOU can also invite five friends and win the rak. Just to let you know too that I already won a rak from them... they are yucky raks! They are fine raks.

(ok, I better stop talking raks.. it makes my hubby want to go hunting!)

Any member who gets 5 of their friends to join and post a minimum of 5 times, wins a RAK.

You have from now until November 30th. You can win multiple times too!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Scrapbook Oasis Contest!

I won HONORABLE MENTION at for the CI contest I posted earlier. The ever so talented winner was Janet who really rocked it with this layout. What scrap she has!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The FINAL Round! Ms. Scrap-Tastic 2008

the time has came and now it is time to see the last votes. There are four of us left on stage and I was very much at odds this week. My layout changed form only a bit. It was to read something like.. you don't need a mood ring.. I can tell by your colors. That just didn't do it for me so I made it more generic.
It was supposed to have a lot of color swatches on it but the stupid things kept getting eaten by my printer. Oh joy!
So, I just printed the strips on card stock. I used a few different Basic Grey pp's. Love how they mix so well!

So, farewell to any of you who have been keep a close eye on this competition. I know you have my loyal and trust worthy friend, De!

Here is my layout and the things we were given to do are listed in bold.

Title: What mood are you today?
(side note: lol, what a mother needs to know)

Journaling is with the mood ring color journaling strips.

Paint w/ MM green paint

Stamps (LP) and white ink for "mood". I also have a Rhonna swirl stamp in the pp but you can barely see it.

I stitched a thought bubble using Twistel. Yes! I still have Twistel from 5 years ago!

5+ pictures

5 colors+ oh yeah!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bedroom doors are nice!

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Odds n Ends

So the best thing has happened to us! Jera decided that she CAN wear shoes again!!! We were very concerned that we would have a child running barefoot all winter. She refused everything! I tried finding comfortable shoes but she just wouldn't take to the idea. One day... poof! Her change of mind. What did we do? We complied to her will and let her think that she is queen of this decision. We say nothing or she may change her mind again.

I found friends Melita, Robs and Dionne over at
so I looked at the contests and decided to try my hand in one. This was for using primarily CI product on the layout :) TFL

Thursday, November 08, 2007

My thank you card

So at ST this week in Round 6 (Yes, I made it to Round 6 so far) we had to make a thank you card. Using ribbon, buttons, rub on's and chipboard.

Here is mine:

What a better week to make a card. After a week of being mean and ugly to my dh I better make this one for him!

I love you honey!

I cut the card out of Bazzill with a shape scissor and adding lace and fabric to give it the I love you, Valentine" look. (Yes, I need to get some sweetness going)

Monday, November 05, 2007

I am a ghetto lookin' mama!

Cheyenne took a picture of my sisters and I on Saturday at Applebee's.
She asked us to look ghetto.... my sisters must be confused. I wonder if they have ever been south of mid Wisconsin before.

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Monday - Nov 5th

So look at what we found today. don't they look caught to you? See close: Jera has a wire hanging from her neck down. They were trying to plug in the old Nintendo game into the back of the tv.

it started snowing at 12:36 pm today- first snow of the new season

and my layout made it to Round 6 at Scrap-Tastic