Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's been a long time

hasn't it? Over 3 weeks with no blogging. What have we been up to? I am still a crazy mom with need for 6 more hrs in a day. Life would be perfect with just a few extras wouldn't it?
But I will do what I can with what God has given me.
The Scraps Ahoy Idol contest has long ended and Stacey Kingman was the idol :) What great entries and I loved her faith shown in many of them. She is a true idol in my book and I could only wish that my faith would be seen in me as it is in her.
I did get a design team gig at Scraps Ahoy and I had to say yes since it is my favorite place for inspiration. I found it last year with the SA idol contest and I have always lingered around viewing the talent. I am so happy and humbled to be part of this awesome team. BTW Scraps Ahoy has launched their own line! I can't wait to get my hands on this yummy product!
My home life is full of car trips to and from kids events and classes. Cheyenne is taking a persuasive writing class and a physics class at the college. Jera, Ella and Jed have been taking sign language every Tuesday (yes, I have to get ready to go!) The older kids are just learning by video and what we bring home. All of the 4 older girls have been going to other classes on social studies and geography. Play group for the smallest 3 is on Wed and Friday's. Monday evenings are Awana for all of the kids. Wynter is a leader now. Wednesday evening are youth group. (high-jack) Oh gosh! I just remembered that Chey has to go to Eau Claire today to the radio station to promote an upcoming Christian concert. She better get ready too! (Back on topic now) Cheyenne just got back from the twin cities Dare to Share conference to prepare her for being on the ASE team with her youth group.
Today I am putting on a scrapbook class for the twin club. (I think that I am ready) We are making a twin club album so it should be fun to see when it is done. I also host a Thursday homeschool kids crop in the afternoon and Thursday night crop for the Heart Island Family Enrichment center. Dan and I are going to be more involved and on the board for the center starting in November. That would make a few boards that Dan is on now. I have no idea what some of the boards are. One is to do with the tech college and one is to do with the auto association. What a wife doesn't know.... lol
I do know how much Dan is working and likes his job. I am so proud of him for a few recent work related things that he has overcame. He was able to show the love of Christ instead of showing his own love of Tae Kwon Do. (hehehehe)
(high-jack again) I am really blessed with a loving husband and father. How did we come this far? It was a long and hard road but we are really enjoying our lives together and as a family. So many times when we look at each other we want to tear up because we are so happy. When one of us talks, the other says the same things at the same time unknowingly. I think that is what they mean when they say "two become one". We really are unified. (ok, back on topic)
Adam is still living in EC and working in Menominee. He is still with Amanda and he still drives me nuts. Enough said ... LOL I love that boy!
The babies are almost walking. Jera takes steps and Ella pretends she is while holding on to our legs. Jera is little Houdini and the one who is a mountain climber already. Give Jera a ladder and slide any day. Ella... she is so loving, tender, kissy and very careful. Give her a baby or a few (future mother of multiples) any day.
I think I have to get ready so we can get to the sign language class on time! Til then!

Twins & more Twins

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Fun @ the Patch

Here are some recent pics of this weekend. The twin club went to the pumpkin patch.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006