Monday, May 22, 2006

Church on Sunday

The plan was to wake up at 5am and get all 7 children ready to leave by 7 am. That was a little off and we didn't wake up until 5:30 so we left at 7:30 in the morning for our 3 hr trip to church. We made it! We were early, can you believe that?
It was so nice to see everyone at our old church. People coming up to us every step we took and hugs were everywhere. We felt a lot of love. After church we headed straight to Nicette's house for her graduation. I really miss my friend Joyce (her mom) and Dan misses Bill (her dad). This was a great and needed visit! We can't wait to go back in June when we take our 1st camping trip with the twins. Why would someone with 7 children drive 6+ hrs in the van just for a one day trip? One word "Nicette" and she is worth it. One of Chey's best friends in the world. A girl who loves all and gives all. Her as her parents have always thought of everyone before themselves. Now is the day to only think of Cettie. Chey needed to hug her friend on this day. It was the feeling like when Cettie gets married. (essp if she waits for our son Jed when he grows up) We would not ever miss that day. We love Nicette. Here she is ....


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