Friday, May 19, 2006

Our trip to Mall of America

Wynter's birthday is Dec 27th. The poor child almost never has a special birthday bash since it is near the holiday festivities and people always add her birthday into Christmas. This year she got her dream bike. A green machine for BIG kids! We also told her that we got 8 tickets to Mall of America amusement park and Underwater World Adventures. She was going to invite Emma and Berrit to go with us since she hasn't seen them but once since we moved.
We had so many things come up and kept putting off the trip. We finally remembered the tickets last week and went to find them. They expire May 17th! We had just a few days. We would hate to waste this trip so.... you know what I got for Mother's Day!
Yes, you got it right, a free trip to MOA! We had a great time and the twins loved it. They were so stimulated and they actually took naps. (see picture)

I had fun browsing Archivers. I flipped through the Scrapbook Trends Baby Idea book and saw my 3 layouts. I haven't got my layouts or copies yet so this was nice to see.
My favorite part of our trip was going to Ikea. I picked out my favorite dream kitchen that we want in our new house. Dan and I agreed with the fingerprint attracting cabinets (crazy with 7 kids still at home, but they are so easy to wipe down & clean) but I like the red and Dan likes the blue. We will see who wins that one!


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