Thursday, July 27, 2006

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so, what could be new here? Hmmm... I have finished the Scraps Ahoy Idol contest layout for Round 2. I just have to finish up my essay. Remember to vote for your friend Karen {me} which starts on Sunday the 30th.

Also... just as a tease, I have added a sampling picture here of the new manufacture I was talking about. You will flip when you see the designs. How fun and exciting. I just love NEW scrapbook products!

My list:
1.essay 2. layouts 3. more layouts 4. project 5. cards 6. article 7. update our twin club website 8. design the new parent group's website
Not too bad if it doesn't get to 10! Wait! That didn't include laundry, shopping, floors, clean the shower and tub, toilets as well as cooking. Argh!

The kids are all doing well. Cheyenne is back into the swing of things being back at home. We will be going to Madison soon. The twins have not seen a zoo before so that should be tons of fun for them. The girls are crawling (FAST) and walking around furniture. The coffee table is gone and now the hall tree must go! No coats needed in the summer anyway, right? What is next?

2peas blog challenge - describe your childhood bedroom. I have beautiful walnut dressers for all of my collections. I collected smurfs and owls. Both at different times thankfully. I know, how could a 12 year old collect owls!?! I had 2 twin beds because my older college aged sister would come home at times to visit. The bedding was a gosh awful mustard color but I did love that ribbed stitched feel of them. I still find these same bed coverings at thrift stores and have at times contemplated buying them just for the memory of it. I had my stuffed animals on my bed as well. I loved my monkey!

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