Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dec 28th

It is December 28th. Christmas is over. Wynter's birthday was yesterday. She had 6 friends at the rollerskating rink and had Chinese for dinner. She topped her day off with watching Phantom of the Opera. She turned 13 and we told our girls that when they turn 13 they get to watch that movie. No reason really. Not that it is pg13, just to give each of our girls something to look forward to.
Grandma Dee is coming to stay with us for the weekend. We love having her visit this year. It was hard when she lived in AZ and we saw her only once a year.
I will be working on my design team projects for Scrapdango and Scrapsahoy tomorrow. Today is full. We went to an audition with my 3 girls for 101Dalmatians. Wynter did great and tried out for a solo part. We will see how that pans out for them. Josey and Gabby will be happy to just be puppies. Cheyenne just got home from a day of baking cookies with her friends. We are about to leave for another house showing. I hope I like this one. I am getting antsy at wanting a new home. I should say that I am getting antsy at wanting a huge scrapbook room that my love has promised me.
I tried out for the WRMK and Dream Street design team. I am dreaming about that fantasy call though I am sure that I have no chance with all of the talent out there. I will keep dreaming even if I don't get in. Dreaming is good, no?

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