Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Survival Pics

Christmas eve - day we went to my brothers house to celebrate with him, Wendy and Kisa. Dad, Artis, Uncle Jay and Aunt Joyce were all there as well. It was a great time! Adam and Amanda came also so this was the first time that everyone met the "new girl". Wendy made a feast as usual. If we thought that her Thanksgiving feast couldn't have been topped, we were wrong! She is a chef. Not just a "cook" but a chef with specialities and delicacies. This is food I tell ya at it's best! I wish that they would never leave. Not just for the food at our visits. I really am getting to know my brother and Wendy. I really love them. All of these years I looked up to them as a couple and as my brother and sister but now it is different. We are really getting to know their family and it is a good one. They are so unique, funny and caring. Wendy has a heart that could cure the world and my brother has a heart that could make the world laugh. Their daughter Kisa has traits of them both. What a great mix. She is a great kid! Wynter loves being her friend as well as cousin. Our Christmas present from them was a huge top line microwave perfectly suited for our big family. They shouldn't have done this much. We really appreciate it and love it. Our perfect present this year for dad and Artis was something they already had! Bummer. They never use the one they had, so that is why I never knew they had one. I thought since dad is always out cutting wood or playing Artis may want him to take walkie talkies so she knew he was safe or coming back to the house soon. Walkie talkies are now on their return list. lol- it was the thought that counts right? We did get them framed pictures of the family. They enjoyed those. Whew. I made Wendy an altered purse. An altered themed idea that I have had and now I am selling them. "Sisterhood of the Travelling Purse" I made hers to fit what I thought was her style. I think it turned out how I wanted. She cried when she opened it. I just love her! She is so special in my heart.

Here are the twins on Christmas eve opening their one present once we came home.

Christmas morn - the tree

Stockings are down. Josey, Gabby and Jed got play street hockey sticks and Ella is watching while clutching her dolly. From the look on Ella's face, she will not be a big hockey fan.

wow, a pig







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