Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday - so far

so far it is 9:02 as I am writing this. Last night I thought Ella and Jera would sleep perfectly. What happened? I am not sure. Maybe it was the organic wild rice baby food that I gave them last night. I do remember that is what I fed them another time that they stayed up all night. It all started when Ella didn't get to sleep until 1 pm. I stayed up rocking and bouncing to get that last burp out. I could tell she had tummy pains. Poor girl. Finally, I put Ella down and Jera woke up. I bounced her, held her, played with her until 4 pm. Yes. 4 pm. It was a long night. She finally fell asleep half laying and half sitting on me in my bed. I figure that she didn't even know she fell asleep so I didn't move her. Any movement made her eyes flutter. There we go again .... Ella's turn. I called for Dan. I think Dan was up until he left for work. I am not sure if he got any sleep past 4pm.

So, how do I feel. Like a bad hang over. I need some aspirin and sleep. Hoping today goes better with good news from our realtor. We put in our final highest offer last night. Why do they call it the highest offer if they keep asking you for another highest offer? We didn't budge this time. It was our highest. (today, lol)
I have to get some scrapping down today. Fiberscraps (THANKS PATRICIA! - for the rak!) is having a contest and I need to get the final details added today. I made 3 layouts. I like them all. I loved working with Fiberscraps. I will tell you why when I share the layouts here. Too fun!
I am also finishing up on my ScrapDango layouts for Feb. I love the mid month deadlines.

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