Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday ... a day in Ellaville

again, sickness. We just got back from taking Ella to the Dr. Her monthly sickness is back. This time croup (sp?) and an ear infection. They tested for the flu but it was neg. She got a shot in the leg and a prescription for 2 meds. Poor baby. I pray that the others do not get this virus. I just finished my Scrapdango design team layouts. I think I like them! lol - I thought it would have been hard since this was a sick day. It was using Dream Street papers so I was used to them. I can't get enough of that company! We are going to look at the "brown" house again tomorrow. 2nd showing. We need to know if this is really the one we want. There are so many negatives as well as positives. Which outweighs them? I have no clue. Will leave it to Dan for the final decision. Submission at it's best!

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Sunny said...

Hi Karen,
I hope the sickness will end soon! I remeber those days with little ones is hard this time of year to keep them healthy. Good luck house hunting.
Thinking of ya,