Thursday, March 29, 2007

One Week Later

and I am planning window treatments and paint colors!

On Friday our realtor again called to say that we had papers to sign. I was in tears of happiness and just wanted to rush over and sign them all. On Saturday our realtor told us the newest bad news. The papers were not signed by the bank. He thought that with all of this back and forth paperwork and messiness that things were being forgot, overlooked and just rushed through. We OBVIOUSLY needed their sig on the accepted offer ya know. So, here I sat in his office on Saturday with tears but not of happiness. We filled out NEW papers and a NEW offer to purchase again. Did I ever say weary? Monday came and our guy called to say he forgot to have us sign another spot. What?! Oh my. We were hoping this was already faxed to the bank. Someone could be stealing the house with a higher offer as this process prolongs. (While we were at the house on Saturday I happened to scare away someone when they did a drive through of the driveway... I won't go on to tell that story. I refrain) Anyway, back to Monday. They faxed the new paperwork. Dan called that bank in Texas 3x and left messages. If nothing else we would make them so sick of us they would want to hurry up to get rid of us.
I think it worked! Tuesday morning our guy came with the REAL papers to sign. ALL IS LEGAL. It WILL be our house. Closing date: April 25th!
Tuesday I picked out interior paint colors and set up Friday to have a painters estimate. Yesterday I picked out carpeting and ceramic tile for the entire house. Today I meet the designer to measure for the carpet, tile and windows and I will pick out the blinds and window treatments. Tonight we go to pick out our refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. Woo Hoo! Call me happy. Call me secure. (well.... almost)

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Clinton Harvin said...

I hope you could share some pictures of your new home when you decide to post stuff here again. I'm looking for some inspiration for an office space. I was thinking that maybe some home designs may be able to give me an inspiration to create a good office design.