Tuesday, April 10, 2007

did she deserve? * PG 18 Caution *

and caution to my other sister who may see this and cry. I love you - Karen

the layout "Did She Deserve To Be Murdered"
This layout is about my sister who was murdered 14 years ago. It seems as if just yesterday and this was major therapy for me. Thanks for this REAL challenge. Wow!

There is no picture and the dates are "0". It represents that time was something robbed from us. Stitching is messy because the "topic" (not my sister) is a sad mess. The inking. A lot of it. The title. Rub on's, stickers, tiles and chipboard.

Please forgive the spell check. This was a heartfelt topic and I thought the spell check worked but it didn't.

my sister. she once made a homemade bomb and threw it in the toilet at school. she ran away from home. was that bad enough? she flaunted her beauty. she lied. one time I found a gun in her dresser. it was really a pot pipe. I was 10. I was scared. she was older than me but we fought as if we were twins. she left her husband and two kids to be a bartender in New Orleans. she left it all. drugs. she didn’t leave them until that year. rehab. she wanted to quit. she did quit. it all. her life was full of crap but did she deserve to be murdered? she left rehab that week to get shot by a man she befriended in rehab. no, she didn’t deserve it. she deserved love. she deserved love and now she has it. she is in Jesus’ arms. a saved messed up life. I pray the man who shot her and himself is a saved soul as well. they shouldn’t deserve hell.


Laura Solomon said...

Deep and beautiful.
What great therapy and emotion. You are a talented artist with a beautiful deep soul.

Kris Mazy said...

WOW! Karen! WOW!

Yellow Fence said...

I'm so glad you can find healing in your work. This is a fantastic page. I'm so sorry that your family had to suffer through this.