Thursday, April 26, 2007

Perfect Joey

such sadness we feel when people we love are sick. we also feel sadness when they are just entertaining angels in our lives. Jen's family has helped make their Joey an entertaining angel amongst many people. his story. his fight and now his VICTORY dance. I say victory because he will soon no longer have sickness or sadness but only love and joy. perfect Joey. We need angels like him to make us aware and make it real for people who have never felt hardships and sickness. Thank You Jen, Thank You Joey. This song is for him.

All My Tears by Jars of Clay

Update from Tania:

UPDATE April 26, 2007: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRAY FOR JEN AND HER FAMILY. Joey was life-flighted to the hospital last night. the blog has been updated.....$10,119 donated. donations are still being accepted.

UPDATE April 22, 2007: $9,427 donated! the blog has been updated with a picture of jen's little man.

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