Thursday, October 25, 2007

Anticipation- Is this normal?

I have no idea how this idea came to mind but for some reason I started jotting down the grades of my children when the babies start Kindergarten in 3 years.

Wyn 11th
Jo 8th
Gab 6th
Jed 3rd
Babies K

I couldn't stop... I was consumed by checking what grades I would have. It looked so wonderful to me as the grades grew.....

Wyn 12th
Jo 9th
Gab 7th
Jed 4th
Babies 1st

Jo 10th
Gab 8th
Jed 5th
Babies 2nd

Jo 11th
Gab 9th
Jed 6th
Babies 3rd

Jo 12th
Gab 10th
Jed 7th
Babies 4th

Gab 11th
Jed 8th
Babies 5th

Gab 12th
Jed 9th
Babies 6th

Jed 10th
Babies 7th

Jed 11th
Babies 8th

Jed 12th
Babies 9th

Babies 10th
Babies 11th
Babies 12th

so... in 2022 I will be alone :( What started as a refreshing thought of less work and chore turned into the dreadful thoughts of all of my children grown.


Becky said...

Wow! I haven't even thought of when my babies will graduate. 2022 is a loooooong time from now! And I have a few years onto that! scary.

Melita said...

OMG! I did this too when my daughter hit high school. Premature Empty Nest Syndrome. LOL!