Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall Comes and Goes as FAST as it Came

What is it with fall? This season comes like a rush at the end of Sept and here it is mid Oct and it feels as if it is winter already. We had to have our heat turned on last night or we would have been frozen.
This week has been filled with sickness (flu? shhh... I know, I said the bad f word). Cheyenne and Jed got it on Monday and Gabby got it on Wednesday. Has it passed? Let's just say it isn't as fast as the passing of the season because they all still feel yuck. No one else has came down with it and I am praying that we don't! I have too much to do and this week has been lax with homeschooling since kids are sick. So, I have no time. I say it again: "no time for sickness!"

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