Saturday, October 20, 2007

a post, a thank you, a layout and a warning!

I am posting my first post since the day I thought in which I was dying. De came over on Thursday and I thought I was feeling bad. I guess I was feeling great compared to what I would be feeling. I was asleep by 6 pm and didn't awake until Sat mid day. I thank De for being so kind to listen to my death bed whining and for bringing me oranges and juice.

I was able to get out of my bed mode for a time to create this layout about Wisconsin.

Rules were: to create a LO that captures the personality of the city or state or country in which you live. Your LO may be 8.5 or 12 x 12 but must be a single page. Be sure your LO is about the above theme (place).
Include one non-scrapbook item in your LO and list that item in the LO description. Include at least five sentences of journaling.

Now to the warning: Take a look at the girls (aka my cometition) over @ Scrap-Tastic. I know that one of them is up to no good. Seriously, <@I KNOW I WAS POISONED>!!


Christy said...

i am totally in love with this LO!! hope your feeling better soon - and um i promise it wasn't me poisoning you =)

"Kreative Karma" said...

You can't get sick, you have 8 kids, remember?????