Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 1 @ A Fancy Word For Simple

This week’s theme: GIRL POWER. What do you love about being a woman? What do you despise?What are some of the challenges faced by women?Where have we been as a gender? Where are we headed?

That is this weeks theme. I may be a minority but my thoughts are this. Beware this can get deep but please love me despite my views.

I personally love being a woman that can be an at home mother and wife. I love this career and responsibility. To me this is the greatest job in the world. Raising my children as moral, loving and hard working people will hopefully be a huge impact on the world. I give a toast to all mothers who can stay at home with their kids and raise them. Children need their mothers. Husbands need their wives.

All creation has bonds with the mother. Even animals let their babies roam and play but they stay with their kids until they are fully ready for the world. They rarely get daycare to help. I think this rings true for humans as well. In my opinion, my kids can handle playing sports, being in plays, taking band lessons etc. But I do not agree that a child should have to take on the world and other people's morals 6-8 hrs each day and only being with their family for a mere few hours. In those few hours instead of relaxing and playing many times those hours are spent redirecting your families morals in your child.
I lived the life of both so I have been there when I had to reprogram my son and daughter as children, pre-teens and teenagers. There was no time in those after school hours for them or our family to just enjoy them being children.

I hope that no one takes my opinions as criticism because our freedom in this country is exactly that. "Freedom" of choice. I have freedoms to decide what I feel is best and the same with other women and their choices. I also understand that being a single mother or a families income is another factor of being able to do this. We did at one time however have 6 children with only my husbands income of under 30,000 per year. We re prioritized what was needed. Have you seen the tv show with the family of 12 children? They buy in bulk, lol

I despise that in this age more women feel the need for more power. I see many at home mothers feel less worthy about themselves. What is more powerful than raising a child/children to be a stand out unique soul in this country? Being an at home mother does not mean you cannot have other skills. And cooking and cleaning is not all that we do! We can write, we can create, we can help our soul mates be the leaders this land should have. This is a big burden on us at times but it is a very large role in life that we play.

Challenges, we have many but as I somewhat stated before, I think a big challenge is just being able to know what our life's goals should be. We have a need to feel good about our selves. While feeling good about ourselves is a wonderful thing I feel that it can be very selfish. Feeling good about what we do for others is (to me) a better focus. If we cared about others and the direction of our future we would in return feel as high as a queen.

Where have we been? I think we have been stuck. We have been queens in the home and queens in the workplace. We want them both but cannot have both lives. We have not been thinking of priorities but more of ourselves. -Ouch- don't throw stones now.

Headed? I think we will be headed into a more stuck position. Roles are being switched. What walk of life do "I" take to make my life complete? Do we see the animal kingdom changing gender roles. What animal lets the wife bring home the "bacon/pig" each day, every day? I am not saying that men cannot help in the home. Penguin males help with their children as many species do. Men should help us with the responsibilities of the family but I for one will not give up my role as a woman. I want to be the "Vice President" in my home. Sorry Hillary.

Am I a submissive woman? Yes. Check out my blog though. Do I sound submissive? Submissive doesn't mean stupid, lower or quiet. It just gives me the chair "next" to the man instead of over or under the man.


Christy said...

big applause!! i think your a true/real woman - you go girl!! =)

angieoh! said...

Hmmm. I think your opinions are interesting - they reflect the real dilemmas that many women face. I don't think it is an either or. I think it is remarkable that women can choose - do they want to work outside the home? do they want to be a stay at home mom?

I don't agree with all your positions - I don't the animal kingdom has husbands that sit on the sofa and watch football every week but that doesn't mean it isn't happening!! :)

Women can influence the world not only as helpers but as leaders, partners, and in many cases followers.

Thanks for putting your heart out there and playing along. No stones to throw - just lots of opinions!!