Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Visit Me!

Read the below.... all I need is FIVE friends. Only FIVE sweet online friends. - NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SCRAPBOOKER. Ahem... you know who. We will slowly convert you there. -

Just go to the Scrapping Oasis

and post 5 (or more) times. The or more would be better cause I like when friends hang out. I win a rak if I can get 5 friends. The best part is YOU can also invite five friends and win the rak. Just to let you know too that I already won a rak from them... they are yucky raks! They are fine raks.

(ok, I better stop talking raks.. it makes my hubby want to go hunting!)

Any member who gets 5 of their friends to join and post a minimum of 5 times, wins a RAK.

You have from now until November 30th. You can win multiple times too!

1 comment:

Sunny said...

What a great forum! I joined and made my five post :)