Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blogger Spell Check!

so the last post I made was in the dark. I literally couldn't see and I am a terrible typist with no light to peek. So, remember... spell check is available on blogger. Since I was typing as I wished and purposefully very badly I actually was intending on spell check but I forgot. lol - sorry to those who saw my Hickville way of speech. I really do not spell that bad.


Becky said...

Hey Girl!!!
If you are up call me! I didn't want to call this late, but I will be up til midnight :)
And, NO, you are not banned. I reset your password.

Ronda said...

Hey Karen! I havent seen ya around at S-T for awhile! Where have ya been?? Anyway, I'm gonna add you to my list of blogs if you dont mind? Get back in touch girl! Miss seeing ya on the boards!