Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And more from the scrap table

what do I have going on in my life right now?

thanking and praising God in all things, praying for Jed, schooling the kids, learning how to order in bulk (wow! You can save BIG $ this way!) , forgetting to buy 5 gal buckets for my bulk purchases (Here I come bakeries. I hope they have some to sell tomorrow) , preparing to leave with another couple for a weekend (next week) to the twin cities (Yes! without kids!), praying for Chey as she leaves our driveway all by herself (opps, and the van), having kittens AGAIN from our stray cat that never went away (this time we will go get her fixed. Though she can STILL go back home ANYTIME!) , playing with my kids, hugging my kids, (I better put hug my dh on my to do list - I didn't even hug that man today!) , starting ANOTHER construction project tomorrow AM (why am I not asleep?) , going to the dentist tomorrow to be poisoned by silver toxins (sense any tension there?), calling a sweet lady who owns Treasured Scrapooking.Com and interviewing her for the premier issue of Scrap N Art, writing the interview article, scanning, scrapbooking, writing up projects for my design teams, getting ready for bestest friends visiting us for the weekend, Yeah!!! ..... and cleaning. YES.... my house is clean. Eat off my floors if you like! I have found that my kids like when I am over compulsive, as do I. They are happier (I am) and have more time for the fun things, now that we stay organized.

I am so happy that I am able to see Gods blessings right now. When we are faithful, fervent and in prayer and union with Him, we can see it even more clearly. I really despise those times where we can't see it. Those times when we whine (me), cry (me), have fear (me), doubt (me) and scream (me). Isn't it so wonderful that our God is an awesome and loving father that He even likes us to scream out at Him. It shows of how our heart is in need of fellowship with the holy spirit. When we desire Him? Do you desire Him? Scream!!! It works!

I leave you with some scraps

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Kris Mazy said...

WOWWIE Karen!! You've been BUSY! And interviewing Leslie for SNA Magazine!! WOOHOO!