Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Spit Up

My Ella is the spitty baby. She has spit up in our faces and even in our friends faces or mouths if they got too close. Well we had another funny one with my spit up baby at church today. We were all standing and singing during worship time and I looked down at the little boy in the seat in front of us. He was kneeling on the floor while writing with a notebook on the seat. His hair had white stuff dripping from it and his face was as if he was in shock. I looked at Dan next to me who was holding Ella backwards and I just knew. I tapped on Dan's shoulder and said "did Ella just spit up on that little boy?" (he was about 6 years old)
Dan was so embarrassed and started cleaning up the puke that was all over the kids note book and all over his chair. All of this cleaning while the parents were standing and never knew. We could not clean the puke from his hair obviously so when we were done with that song we tapped their shoulders and told them our baby spit up on their son. The mother said nicely "oh, that is ok" but I had to say "well, the spit up is in his hair"
The dad looked at his sons head and sort of snickered. The boy was still in shock and very grossed out.
The dad went off to grab a wet towel from the bath room to clean his kids head. Ok... so... anyone have a baby spit up story to top that one?


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Anonymous said...

I was reading on LPUW and you had a link to your blog, so 30 minutes later I still haven't eaten lunch.

I have tears running down my face, reading about the puke on the kids head. It was maybe not so funny then, but you know, it is always funny later!

When my oldest was about 6 months, we were flying to Chicago to see Grandma and Grandpa. We had to fly from Bullhead City, stop in Lake Havasu for 20 minutes, then onto Phoenix to make the connection to O'hare. I needed to go to the bathroom when we left Bullhead City, but I wasn't sure what to do with my son while I went. I wasn't about to lay him on the floor, and his carseat and stroller were loaded with the luggage. I thought dh, who was flying the airplane might help, but he was busy doing his job. I got on the airplane and off we went. 15 minutes later we stopped in Lake Havasu. I really had to go. I ran off the airplane and into the bathroom, I had no choice but to hold Tyler on my lap while I peed. He leaned forward and puked into my pant legs that were bunched up around my ankles. Now I am stuck holding a 6 month old in one arm, while trying to hold my pants in that hand while trying to wipe the puk out of the pantlegs. It was awful. I got out what I could. I could hear dh start the engines on the airplane, I pulled up my pants, zipped, and pulled my shirt down because I couldn't button one handed. These were my lovely light colored linen pants. The kind that shows EVERYTHING, including stripes of puke. I ran to board, dh saw me and mouthed "where the heck were you?" I turned around so he could see the back, where the stripes were VERY noticeable. His eyes got big, he couldn't figure out what it was. We flew the 45 minutes to Phoenix, my pants were still squishy. They unloaded the luggage and transferred it with lightning speed, my bag was gone before I got off the airplane so there was no hope of changing while we had our 4 hour layover and then a 3 hour flight. I was able to go into the bathroom in PHX and scrub my pants while dh held the baby. They looked better, but I wore that familiar aroma for the rest of the day.

How is that for a puke story?