Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas - from Chey

Here is a post from my daughter Cheyenne that she posted to her blog
I thought family and friends may want to see the video she made as her Christmas greetings.

So, I made this video specially for you, mes amis, as a virtual Christmas card. It seems like everybody takes the time at Christmas to write letter and talk about what happened to them this past year. Now I'm wondering if just going with the flow and writing a letter would have taken less effort... :P The video looks pretty funky on the blog here, but since some of you wouldn't be able to open the file on your computer, so this is the way I went. If you happen to be an incredibly picky person and would like the high quality version, don't hesitate to ask. Of course, it may be next Christmas by the time I get it to you. And of course, there was much, much more to my year than what the video says, my Youth Group held a concert in the new ministry center, I went to Lake Tom a few times this year, so I was able to see lots of people there (which included paintballing for the first time with Brad, Luke and Bri... thanks guys!) and learning a ton more about God throughout everything. Even those things that hurt like crazy!
Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and a happy new year! Hopefully I will see you soon.
Keep on, Chey.

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