Thursday, December 14, 2006

my sisters

my sisters Sharon and Marie called me and asked what our plans were, if we would be around on Saturday. They said they wanted to make a quick trip (2 hrs to get to our house) to see us before Christmas. How sweet is that? I wish I could pick up and go visit them. I wish I could show my love to them as much as they do me. They always think of others before themselves. If they treat everyone the way they treat me as a sister, they must be terribly busy! God made them wonderful and with sweet hearts of gold. Their visit was short. It was awesome though. My sisters do this popping in for visits through out the year. My kids can see them even for short times so they remember their Aunties. My twins do not even know Dan's father or brother and cousins. Sad that our own lives and theirs have been so priority that we cannot even find one day to visit in the past year. My sisters never let their priority come first. I wish I was both of them put in one person. Thinking of my sisters and how I would want their traits makes me think of saying the first word that comes to mind when I think of them. All of the words are real to me. I have learned so much from these words and their personalities. I wanted to duplicate words for a couple but I didn't. A couple of my sisters share the same words. They are good words.

Retha. Crazy. Compassion.
Sharon. Intelligent. Loving. Nurturing.
Marie. Humorous. Unconditional. Loyal. Winner (<---- casinos).
Carol. Beautiful. Naive. Sad. Protector.
Barb. Teacher. Helping. Goofy. Family.
Jeanna. Pursuing. Sister. Competition. (<---- we used to get into fights over who is loved more. sad memory.)

let me share a layout

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