Wednesday, January 17, 2007

my week, as of Wednesday ...

Ella is doing better! My doctor was working in a different city yesterday but she called to check on Ella. She recommended getting 2 more shots of the antibiotic so I took her at 4pm. By 8pm Ella seemed a bit back to herself. The doctor will have results of everything today but it sure is looking like a bad case of pneumonia. (that was our spelling word of the day, even Jed knows how to spell it). Thank you all for praying for the kiddo.
We had a bad night with no sleep but I am hoping it is the last one. I am off right now to get Ella's 3rd sets of shots. Poor kid!


Beth said...

Glad Ella is doing better, hope she continues to improve.

(also, please enter me in this week's dream street RAK - wasn't sure which entry to post under).


Breanne said...

hey hey! I just saw that you linked me as a creative person!!! THANK YOU!! it made me feel incredibly special!!

Sunny said...

Hey Karen,
I hope your weekend is better and for Ella also.
Miss Ya