Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a fresh new day

The weekend was long with sick kids. We didn't make it to church because both Dan and I had only a couple of hr sleep. The preds made Ella hyper and Jera was coming down with the cough too. Tues pm I finally took Ella, Jera, Jed and Josey into the ER. After waiting 3 hrs we were seen. They all had ear infections and Jera had the beginnings of what could be croup so they got new meds. Last night they all slept GREAT. Dan and I feel we are new people. Yeah! I hope the recovery goes well as we all hide in our house so we don't pick up a new germ.

We haven't heard about the house offer. Tomorrow is our deadline we gave. I pray we hear some news.

Here are a few pictures to share of the twins in the sink.


StaciCal said...

cute pics!! Hope they're feeling better.....Staci

em said...

Oh my goodness those photos are adorable!!! :)

StaciCal said...

Just wanted to let you know that I got the RAK you sent me!! I was just about to sit down and try and scrap!! when the mailman pulled in honking!! You were so generous!! love everything!! Now I need to go play....thanks Staci