Friday, February 02, 2007

House Hunting Horror

Our house hunting is not any more fun than when we started. It is a nightmare. We have made offers on a few and lost each one. When will other people stop trying to bid over us? This last time really hurt. We had it in our fingers and we were only a few 000. under the other bidder. Ouch!

We looked at 2 places yesterday. One was a house and had 5 bedrooms but it was not what I liked and a lot of small fix up's that I knew we would never do. I just didn't like it. My husband on the other hand sort of liked it.

When we were walking out my husband said "what don't you like about it?" I didn't want to run my list in front of our realtor so I just said "a lot of things".

Dan: like what?
Me: I just didn't like it
Dan: Well, I guess we have to build then (this is his way of being cranky)
Me: We can talk later if you want

I looked up at our realtor and the look on his face was shock. I started laughing hysterically saying "you must see a lot of fights!"

He said he had and shared a few funny counselling sessions he had with some couples.

On the way to the other property I told Dan about a listing that was newer just down a road that we were near. We pulled over and waved down our realtor who was following so we could drive past it on our way to the other property.

When he pulled up I screamed out the passenger window "We decided we do not need a house after all!" He just laughed and said, "Is this where the counselling starts?" lol

Ok... so we pull up to the "other" property. It is a 12 bed elderly resident unit. Yeah Yeah, I know what you are saying. It would fit us. True! So we looked. Very nice but it is an elderly home for goodness sakes!

If we convert it to a home, where is the resale possibility? Yes, you would have awesome ramps through out the home for bikes and skateboard stunts. Yes, it would have hand rails through the long halls which would be great for ballet practice. Yes, the sweet commercial upgraded kitchen was excellent and exactly what I would want. Yes, there would be room for a scrapbook store much less just a sb room. Yes, the kids would have a gym, a music room and art room. Yes there would be enough bedrooms for everyone and guests to have their own room (even Dan and I if we wished). Yes, there was many bathrooms. Yes, the bathrooms for "him" had urinals. Dan loved that. Yes, there was a security system. You know how I love to be secure. Yes, sprinkler system. You know how I fear a fire. So why don't we buy an elderly home?
I just don't want to! Are we being picky? I mean, helllllo. These poor old folks. The new owner is going to have to boot them from their home & I do not want to be that new owner. I could see it now that we would be stuck waiting for some ladies kids to pick her up and they don't show. Poor old Betty would be stuck with us. It is a Chevy Chase movie in the making! ::::: don't mind her, that is just old Betty. She came with the place! ::::::
Maybe that is a bit dramatic but with how things happen in our life, I would not doubt it could happen.
So... no elderly home. We are scheduled to look at 2 homes tomorrow. I think we have ranked top in Rods list of showings per family. hehehehe Who said realtor's make too much?

Here is the type of house I want! If anyone finds this within 5 min from my husbands workplace, please let me know.


Becky said...

OMGosh! That post was haliarious!!!!! I love the "::::: don't mind her, that is just old Betty. She came with the place! ::::::" part :)

Good luck with finding a place, I know what a nightmare house hunting is. But, you WILL know right away when you find it!!

.jess. said...

haha, that was quite funny!!!! wish you guys all the best in your house hunting!!! I'm sure you'll find something that is perfect for you soon!!!

LouAnn said...

KAREN! You SOOOOO crack me up girlfriend! Just checking in on your blog to see how you are doing! I pray you will find a house soon that is just the right fit for your family.
Love - your "sister" ;)

"Kreative Karma" said...

Oh my gosh! You are too funny! Ugh about the house hunt still, I feel for ya babe! What's the update on the brown house?