Saturday, February 03, 2007

it continues........... is it meant to be?

Just this morning I got on the net and searched. I thought that I found it! I really thought I had found my dream home.

(I added a few pictures here. Please note the first picture is looking down from the stairs into a SCRAPBOOK AREA with custom cabinets and a sink. This area pretty much only suits a scrapbooker IMO. lol)

So at 3pm we looked at the "brown" house today. While I think we may be placing an offer on it I do want to say that the pictures were taken "creatively" :o There is a lot of work needed but it has major potential. The work is not too costly or hard but it is enough to not pay their asking price. We doubt anyone will come to that asking price. It is a new listing but if they don't come down it very well may sit empty for over a year.

It is 16 acres but just through the woods is the 4 lane highway so it has traffic noise. (Dan didn't like that. Me? I say... I WANT A HOUSE!) lol You give and take and I really do want to TAKE something now. Anyway, I think we may be placing an offer when we get back from our Chicago trip.

Unless that is we happen to buy the house we really want before next week.
You may get a laugh at this but after looking at this house today we decided to walk on the wild side. :mrgreen: Dan and I are fairly wild side kinda people anyway you know.

Anyone who remembers my old blog and the start of our house venture may remember the "blue house". Yes, that blue house that is still in my dreams. Yes, that house that was the first of many that I said were "meant to be". One of these meant to be's are really meant to be you know. So I will keep up with my motto of "it was meant to be".

So we took a drive past the original house that we wanted to buy when we first moved here Sept 2005. It was a foreclosure. We made an offer last year. The bank wanted 14 day financing so it wasn't an accepted offer. Someone snagged it the next day when we were going to make the 14 day offer. Ouch.
It seems as if they do not have kids. Just a husky dog. Maybe they don't really "need" the 6 bedroom, 4 bath house. (lol) Hey, you never know! So Dan and I drove past to stop in and ask if we could buy it for 50-75000 more than they paid for it a year ago. (that is how we saw the dog in the window in case you thought we may be wacko stalkers) They weren't home. Dan is going to go back tomorrow to ask them. I told him to drive our 15 passenger van to look more needy and to verify that we actually did own eight children. lol. I figure it is 50-50 chance of them saying yes or no. That kind of an offer also comes once in a lifetime so if they do not take our offer they may never sell it for that.
It reminds me of that commercial where the family just comes right into the house saying "we will take it!" and the house was not even for sale. I am almost ready to squat and claim someones house while they are away on vacation. lol, just kidding. Anyway, wish us luck talking to the "blue house" owners tomorrow.


Barb said...

Good luck! Hope something works out for you soon.

StaciCal said...

Wow!! I can picture a scrapbook room there.........these houses have such a beautiful design.......good luck finding your home.......STaci( Cflattop)

patti said...

ohmy gosh how exciting and terrifying both at the same time!! Sounds like there are a number of potential great homes for your family!! Praying you get JUST the right one and you can have peace about it! :)
I do not envy your position though...real estate is stressful!!