Saturday, May 12, 2007

pray for me

not to be cranky. Why am I cranky you might ask? Well, remember that the house we bought was a foreclosure? It was. I felt terrible for them. They lost their home. They had health/income issues so I felt really bad. After understanding the background though, they didn't do well in choices even before they had health issues so I started feeling less sad about buying the house that they were evicted from. Don't get me wrong, I still feel awful that anyone would lose their home....
Now I am getting cranky though. While we have been remodelling the home before we move someone has been driving into the long drive to an OVERGROWN flower bed to steal the landscaping rocks. Hmmm... why would they even dare to come back and snag the rocks. A couple of weeks ago when I looked at it I thought I remembered there being more rocks. I just shrugged it off as it being my imagination. Last week, again... hmmmm seemed to be more rocks. TODAY!!! 30+ rocks are missing total. Seriously, someone knows the property well enough to know we are not actually living in it. No one could tell by just looking at the road, the house is far off the road. The SOLD sign is visible so this is now (and was) theft.
It scares me that we have thousands of dollars in equipment there and we have no way to protect it. I just pray they are done with the rock stealing. A couple of weeks ago 10 pm on a Tuesday, Dan and I drove in to our new house drive. We turned off the lights and just sat in the dark looking at the stars and praising God. (YES! We were just looking at the stars!) Anyway, a car came driving into the long drive. I said, "Dan, go tell them the house is sold!" Even though I wondered how they would see a thing in the pitch black night. We just thought it was just a person doing a drive by late at night. They drove into the back drive (Where THIS overgrown garden area is)! We turned our truck lights on and they backed up quick and left.
Could we have caught them in the act? I bet we could have! What freaks me out is that they had the audacity to come back AGAIN and steal more rocks after that night.
What did I do today? I wrote them a big note on a HUGE box. I placed the big huge box in the garden propped up by a few of the "said rocks". The note read: OUR HOUSE NOW - OUR PROPERTY NOW - PRIVATE PROPERTY - KEEP OUT - WE ARE WATCHING - SO IS GOD - HE WILL FORGIVE YOU BUT DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING ELSE EVER AGAIN! - JESUS LOVES YOU

so bottom line is ... please pray that I can stop being cranky. It is not the thought of rocks being taken but simply that people would come to steal from us. I also want my kids and family safe. Peace out.

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LouAnn said...

Karen! What happened with the rocks? This post is 6 weeks old. LOL Where are you girlfriend?!?!?!?