Tuesday, May 08, 2007


newest pet peeve. see my time I am posting to understand this one. right now it is 11:42 pm

MOWING LAWN? What is with people? People are SLEEPING at 11:42 pm. Aren't they?
We are downtown and an assisted living elderly center is across the street, in back of us. The person who mows for them is finding they can mow better late at night I take it. The poor old folks. I bet they will be cranky tomorrow or very hot from having windows all closed up.

I cannot move soon enough!

Another subject.
Today. ... we had a great day today but a CRUDDY evening. At approx 6:30 my kids were in the back yard playing softball when they came in screaming that Jed was bleeding from the head. He was gushing/spraying blood from his head above his eye and I acted quick. Towel and phone. 911! They put his head in the head brace and got him on a stretcher. We were back home within 45 minutes thanks to small children having huge thick skulls and big brains. He was able to take the head brace home as a memory. Dan asked me to take pictures for the scrapbook! Good gosh, men and boys may brag but I just can't even scrap about this type of thing. My emotions just get flared even thinking of accidents.

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